Tuesday, December 16, 2014

Project Life | November Pages 3

This is m third post of my November Project Life pages. Notice, I have more than 4 spread and I do not have 1 photo per day. Some days I have 20 photos, some days I have zero photo. I have gave up the "one photo a day" idea long ago because I really do not want to restrict myself. Moreover, somedays I basically wake up and sit in front of my computer doing work/watching tv the entire day and nothing else happen. No photos for those days and I'm ok with that.

My embellishments are generally label tags, enamel dots and flair badges. I also remove the foam dot behind to prevent too much dimension :) 

Sometimes I like to add the title directly onto the photo on my iphone, without the hassle of using photoshop. I mainly use Pic Tap Go app to edit the photos and Letterglow to add the title

Till next time :)

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