Monday, September 28, 2015

Midori Traveler's Notebook | Melbourne 2015 - Handy Handphone Apps (Evernote + Instax + Canon)

This post is way overdue. I prepared it in advance along with the previous two post about scrapbooking my Melbourne trip in my Midori. However I totally forgot about it as Week In The Life comes along and then I went to Adelaide yet again. So here I am back in my crafty space finishing up my WITL and actually i got it DONE today :) Here is a sneak peak

So in this post I'm suppose to share with you the apps that helps me scrapbook my travels in my iPhone . I believe these are available in the Android phone as well.

1. Evernote

 I cannot live without this. If my Evernote notes are gone, I cannot function. I have a notebook set up for each travel, which I dump my itinerary and etc inside. I have one notebook for one travel, they are kept in a "stack" of notebooks .

 The notebooks have notes that keep track of some of my thoughts and feelings. I type as I travel, on and off, here and there. Somedays I end earlier, I will type into it before I sleep. So when I journal in my Midori back here at home, I pull out those itinerary to check names of places, my plans and etc

 2. Instax app

I print photos on the go using my instax share printer. To do that, I print everything from my iPhone via this app. Here is a great How to guide 

3. EOS Canon Remote app

Sometimes I just need to print photo that I took using my DSLR . I will connect my iPhone to my 6D wifi , and download the pictures into my phone using this app :)

So here is the last process video

Photos of the pages :)

Here is the end of my Midori series for Melbourne :) I will be coming back for another series for my Adelaide travel in September :) Before that, I will be sharing my WITL photos and videos . So look forward to that!

Wednesday, September 23, 2015

Project Life Update - June Taiwan Page 2

*Read all about my Project Life journey here

This is the late blogpost of the Project Life Update for June. In fact, I have not been keeping up with my Project Life since then. Although many says keeping up is a fantasy, I still wish I can keep my system as simple as possible and my space as organised as possible so that I can be efficient and save time. Currently I'm working on my Midori Travelers Notebook for my second Adelaide trip, and my Week In The Life album . I'm super excited about the second one , because I love the photos I took and i got a new printer recently !

So here is the layout -

I hope to update you on my Midori notebook and my WITL album soon !Thanks for stopping by!

Tuesday, September 22, 2015

Project Life Update - June Taiwan Page 1

*Read all about my Project Life journey here

I love the colors of the photos I took during my Taiwan Trip this Summer. Apart from the Midori notebook in which I document them in (Which I shared on my Instagram previously) I'm also adding them into my Project Life album .

Here is the layout -

Here are some close ups. What can be a better color combination than Pink + White + Gray + Gold

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Monday, September 21, 2015

Project Life Updates - June Adelaide Page 2

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Today I share the third and last sprees of my Adelaide trip 2015. I remember the first time I went overseas to New Zealand , I was so excited to scrapbook them that I had done 2 full 12x12 albums full of photos and layouts . Complicated layouts . Then the second time I travel was to Adelaide , same old 12x12 layouts in 2 large WRMK D ring binders . Then I get tired , so I downsized to 6x8 album in 2013. But I need 2 of those chipboard ones (which had a thick spine ) from Studio calico and some mini Heidi swap memory files to finish scrapping all the photos . By 2014 I was determined to keep everything in a 6x9 basic grey album - didn't happy at all . In fact up till now I still haven't scrapbook that . 

In 2015 , i was introduced to Midori travelers  notebook and decided that it will help me ease the stress in scrapbooking my journey . So here I am , Scrapbooking in the travelers notebook on the go and come back to print the photos larger in m project life album. If there isn't enough space to print all , I don't mind printing a simple larger size photo book (I did some from Artifact uprising ) 

Below are the images . Thanks for stopping by :)

Sunday, September 20, 2015

Project Life Updates - June Melbourne Page

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I'm continuing my sharing of my Weekly Project Life spread for June traveling month. On a side note, Kelly Purkey was on the latest Paperclipping Roundtable talking about 6x12 project life :) Do listen!

Some close ups :) 

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AE Type Inspired Layouts - Little Talks

Hello ! Here is my layout two  for the #hastagthisweek prompt on ConversationsIt's  again inspired by Ali Edwards Type class :) Can I say, this is one of my favourite layout of all my work. I love it to be simple and no picture. Here is the layout :) 

I cut out the inverted commas using my silhouette, after choosing the font for a long time I finally found one I liked and saved it. I also used Ali Edwards story kit products in this layout. The journaling is typed out and printed on my home printer on a white cardstock. I added some final touches by stamping 2 phrases on the edges of inverted commas. The wood veneers are from Freckled fawn.

Some close ups.

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Do stop by Mandy's blog to read more about the prompt.

Saturday, September 19, 2015

Project Life Updates - June Adelaide Page

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Okay, life happens. The last time I check, the project life post was back in 31st May. My apologies. I was so caught up with life and other scrapbooking projects. These few days I'm coming back to share some of my Project Life pages for June , which is the month that I was traveling. Although I had scrapbooked these in my Midori Travelers Notebooks, I still do a weekly spread in my 6x12 Project Life album, so that the album has a wholesome view of my life (or else, June will entirely not be inside)

Some of the close ups.

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