Monday, December 31, 2012

12 things in 2012

Hello people! 2012 is coming to an end in about an hour's time. I thought I should scrapbook about a year in review. Here i list 12 'significant' things I went through in my 2012 life. You might want to give it a try :) And here goes my list!

1. Visit BF in Adelaide, Australia.

2. Taught my scrapbooking classes, and call it a success :)

3. Bought an iphone 5 and 3rd laptop

4. Attended Meiling, Maggie and many other friends' Graduation night

5. Visit Universal studios singapore for the 4th time!

6. Successfully organised the 8th JC class outing in which 13 people attended :)

7. Attended the first University tutorial group outing - lunch at loving hut

8. Celebrated 3rd year, and still counting :)

9. Scrapbooked the most number of pages in my life so far! (about 40?)
10. Most successful Pepper Creations bazaar at NUS in February, followed by another one in NTU in August and a 3rd one in NUS again in August :)

11. Celebrated Chinese new year with one of the biggest group of people!

12. Went to Expo bookfair with sister on the first day of the sales, members only exclusive sales that includes almost 2/3 of the people in Singapore!

Some updates


2012 is coming to an end ! And 2013 is just around the corner ! I hope 2012 have been a great year for you as it is for me :) I'm currently working on a few projects at the same time
• new classes for jan/feb
• Chinese New Year cards !
• customized guest books
• and of course my own scrapbook layouts :)

Busy busy busy time ! Here are some sneak peek for the classes coming up ! Keep a look out for the class content reveal !

Cheers !

Saturday, December 22, 2012

Celebrating Friendshilp

Hello peeps :)
Back here with a series of Friendship cards
These cards are rather girl and flora themed :)
I was inspired to make a bunch of these when a friend came over to request for some friendship cards to celebrate her 25th year of friendship with 2 other girls :) How sweet :)

All cards comes with envelops, 
and you can make request to add special greetings or titles to the cards :)
All cards are approx 4x6 inches other than FC#001 and FC#006

FC#001 - $7
Approx 5x7 inches

FC#002 - $6

FC#003- $6 (SOLD)

FC#004 - $6

FC#005 - $5.50

FC#006 - $3
Approx 3x4inches

FC#007 - $5

FC#008 - $5

FC#009 - $5

FC#010 - $5

FC#011 - $5

FC#012 - $5

FC#013 - $5

FC#014 - $5

FC#015 - $5

To order , simply drop me an email at
or leave a comment :)
Thanks for looking :)

Will catch ya next time :)

Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Merry Merry xmas!

Hello guys! I'm back here with a new batch of cards!
Christmas cards of cos :)

These cards are absolutely intereactive :) You pull in on one side, and the other side pops right out! How fun! This is actually the best selling card ever since the last 2 bazaar events i have done. They got sold out like hotcakes! Also, I have improvised the card such that it pulls very smoothly out and doesn't get jammed at all :) So they are certainly the right piece of card for this festive season! :D

  • Each card is approximately 6" by 3.5". 
  • They are $8 each (buy 2 at $14!)
  • All cards comes with envelops, and you can make request to add special greetings or titles to the cards :)
  • The cards that pulls out is double sided, that gives you 4 sides to write on, add photographs and etc! How cool is that? :) It can even be made into a mini album already :)


This is the card when it's presented
Now, pull the right ribbon to the right

Tee daa! The card slips right open on both side!

Close ups









XM#010 (SOLD)

XM#011 (Sold)

To order, just drop me an email or leave a comment
 with the card code XM#0__

Meanwhile, I have a request for friendship cards
Making a few and going to publish them tomorrow :)

Till then :)