Friday, July 22, 2016

It has been a long time since I blog. I'm currently more active on Instagram and Facebook. Do click on the social media on the right-hand sidebar and follow me there!!

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Wednesday, March 16, 2016

Taiwan Handbook 2014 | Album Foundation pages with Silhouette Cuts

Been detached from my blog for a long time. Recently I was clearing out some memory space on my harddisk and found some photos edited exported and ready to published but yet to . So I'm here to share my last minute touch up of my Taiwan 2014 album. You can read on the First post here. I used my silhouette to cut some find Chinese words. i'm so happy to find out that silhouette is able to cut Chinese characters!

This page has the names of all the places we are going to visit!

Here are some off cuts from the glitter paper which I don't want to waste.

Here I cut some names of the Main places i'm going into dividers/folders.

And I do no bare to throw away the off cuts, Hence I stick them onto tiny 2x2 transparency and tuck them into the page protector again :D They will get moved around in the end. 

I'm now happy about the album and can't wait to experience and document my taiwan trip!

Wednesday, January 20, 2016

New Creative Team with Sahin Designs!

Hello everyone! Happy new year! I'm back on my blog again!

Today I'm making a late announcement, that i'm officially in the Sahin Designs 2016 Creative team :)  Together with two other creative ladies Carolina and Megan . 
I will be working on her digital products in my Hybrid scrapbooking !

These are the two releases in her shop for January. Click on the image that will bring you to the shop

Have been sharing my layouts on Instagram and Facebook :) Do check them out !

Saturday, January 2, 2016

Planning for 2016

I'm overwhelmed this year as there are many to look forward to in terms of work and life and scrapbooking. Here are some links that helped me along a little in settling down my thoughts and plans, which might help you as well :)

  1. The Daily Digi Podcast - Ep 114 : Yoda of Scrapbooking
  2. DigiScrapGeek Podcast - Ep 15 : I dont want it to be work
  3. The Scrap Gals Podcast - Ep 49 : Creative Goals
  4. Goal Setting 2016 by Jessica Rodarte
  5. How I use my GET TO WORK BOOK by Nicole Reaves

Monday, November 2, 2015

Midori Traveler's Notebook | Taiwan 2015 Part 1 (An overdue post)

Previously on Instagram I shared 7 ideas of using midori to document travels . Here is a collation :)

#1 just write with a black pen and then add cute stickers.
#2 if you forgot to document something , just add a piece as the "insert" , securing it using washi tape !
#3 add the entire pamphlet or broacher into the album , securing it with a cute paper clip .
#4 if you want to be able to see the back of the business card, secure them to your book just with a washi tape :) You can even add some hidden journaling behind the Business card
#Stamping !!! This is a Kelly Purkey stamp :) I use it over and over during my travel because I eat a lot !
#6 if you want to be able to remove the business card , you can slot it into a transparent pocket (from Midori) like this :)

#7 collect the ephemera and tickets in an envelop and stuck it at the back of the book!

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