Wednesday, January 20, 2016

New Creative Team with Sahin Designs!

Hello everyone! Happy new year! I'm back on my blog again!

Today I'm making a late announcement, that i'm officially in the Sahin Designs 2016 Creative team :)  Together with two other creative ladies Carolina and Megan . 
I will be working on her digital products in my Hybrid scrapbooking !

These are the two releases in her shop for January. Click on the image that will bring you to the shop

Have been sharing my layouts on Instagram and Facebook :) Do check them out !

Saturday, January 2, 2016

Planning for 2016

I'm overwhelmed this year as there are many to look forward to in terms of work and life and scrapbooking. Here are some links that helped me along a little in settling down my thoughts and plans, which might help you as well :)

  1. The Daily Digi Podcast - Ep 114 : Yoda of Scrapbooking
  2. DigiScrapGeek Podcast - Ep 15 : I dont want it to be work
  3. The Scrap Gals Podcast - Ep 49 : Creative Goals
  4. Goal Setting 2016 by Jessica Rodarte
  5. How I use my GET TO WORK BOOK by Nicole Reaves

Monday, November 2, 2015

Midori Traveler's Notebook | Taiwan 2015 Part 1 (An overdue post)

Previously on Instagram I shared 7 ideas of using midori to document travels . Here is a collation :)

#1 just write with a black pen and then add cute stickers.
#2 if you forgot to document something , just add a piece as the "insert" , securing it using washi tape !
#3 add the entire pamphlet or broacher into the album , securing it with a cute paper clip .
#4 if you want to be able to see the back of the business card, secure them to your book just with a washi tape :) You can even add some hidden journaling behind the Business card
#Stamping !!! This is a Kelly Purkey stamp :) I use it over and over during my travel because I eat a lot !
#6 if you want to be able to remove the business card , you can slot it into a transparent pocket (from Midori) like this :)

#7 collect the ephemera and tickets in an envelop and stuck it at the back of the book!

Thanks for stopping by!

Lost of Mojo

After sharing my WITL project , I felt really drained and feel as though I have lost my MOJO. So I went on a scrapbook hiatus for 2 months, only sharing , not really scrapbooking. My plan was to finish up my Midori for my second Adelaide trip and catch up on PL for Oct and Nov respectively. However, I have yet to touch on either one. I wanted to start but I just couldn't bring myself together to do so. Looking around my scrap space, everything is everywhere and I have not purge for 1 year. I guess I need to start somewhere, so I went into the storeroom and post everything online for sale. It's slow but at least I started. The next step I need to take is to go through each of my 25 square (of the "Scrapbook Ikea cabinet" ) and choose stuff to giveaway / sell / throw . PURGE PURGE PURGE. I need to everything to be organised to feel inspired. Right now there is just too much clutter. 

While cleaning, I listened to 2 podcasts on the topic of getting back my MOJO
1. Scrapgal Episode 24: The Mojo Show
2. Paperclipping roundtable PRT136 – Normal to Get the Blah’s
These helps quite alot. 

Then of course I didn't stop there, so I went onto listen to the older PRT episodes. I chose those I thought will be inspiring to me. There are the ones I saved to a playlist and plan to listen to while cleaning :) 
  1. PRT 141 Like Eating Chocolate for the First Time
  2. PRT142 Or the Flow Don't Go
  3. PRT 150 Crackers in Their Soup
  4. PRT 152 Beyond Simple
  5. PRT 153 Not an Anti- Chronologist
  6. PRT 164 Eight Years Lost ** Super inspiring story **

Other than clearing out stuff, I started looking online for Inspiration for Midori. I saw Stephanie Baxter class on BPC and went through that. Her great style of typewritter journaling on Midori notebook is just gorgeous. I'm going to try that.

My final idea to get is to actually scraplift myself. Previously I had used several Midori to document my travels. I thought I had already shared the post but some of them are still in the draft section. I'm going to post them and to collate some midori inspiration and scraplift from there as a start. Hopefully I will get my MOJO back!

Sunday, October 25, 2015

Week In The Life 2015 | Sunday + Flip through Video :)

*You can read all my post on WITL here  and more about the project on Ali Edwards blog*

Today, I'm sharing the final post on My week in the life album :) Honestly, this is my current most favourite album . I absolute enjoy the creating process and learn alot of stuff , especially stamping on photos and some photoshop techniques . Looking forward to more #weekinthelife in future !

Some close ups

Thanks for following me through this journey. I hope you will continue to document your life in any form and do share it with me in the comments section! 
For more information about Week In The Life™ check out Ali Edwards projects page Week In The Life™ 2015 will begin August 17th. Also check out Ali's archive of past Week In The Life™ blog posts

Sunday, October 18, 2015

Week In The Life 2015 | Saturday pages + New video !

*You can read all my post on WITL here  and more about the project on Ali Edwards blog*

I have been really busy with work recently to continue my posting. Today I steal some rest time and finish up my next video to do this post :) Hope you enjoy the video and the Saturday spreads in my Week in the life album :)

This video is the second video showing how I made smaller inserts for my Week In the life album :) 

Here are the saturday pages :)

Some close ups
Thanks for stopping by! I have one last post to go, and a video flip through of my completed WEEK IN THE LIFE :) Stay tune!
For more information about Week In The Life™ check out Ali Edwards projects 
page Week In The Life™ 2015 will begin August 17th. Also check out Ali's archive of past Week In The Life™ blog posts