Saturday, December 20, 2014

Project Life | November Pages 5 | What A Fan Girl Do

I turn fan girl recently. It's out of coincidence. Well, you can say so. My sister got hooked onto Running Man since forever, and I was always "criticising " on the show because I just don't get it. But after watching a few episodes, I got hooked on. I scrapbooked about it because it was a large part of my daily life recently. The stuff I watch rotates quite abit. Do you scrapbook about the shows you watch? Do share in the comments! 

These are some photos of the cast member I found online.

Added alot of journaling for this week. Somedays I find that if I do not have photos, I have more journaling. But when I do have the photo, I find that I have nothing much to talk about. Because the photo already speaks a thousand word for me. I tend not to describe the photo. I keep track of these journaling using an app called Evernote. It's MY EVERYTHING! I take note of almost everything inside, and it has become a big part of my organisation and work flow be it scrapbooking or work or daily life. It's convenient because I can write in it using my computer when I thought of something while working. I often find myself in deep thoughts the moments before i fall asleep. I will be too lazy to walk to my physical journal and turn on the lights to start writing. So I just grab my phone and type everything out. I type on the go on commute, while waiting in the queue and etc. CONVENIENT! I just copy and paste the journaling onto my photoshop template and send it to print!

Simple decoration of the cute business card from Whales and Cloud. The most unique cafe in Singapore I have ever been :) You can read on their review here and find their Facebook page here.

Thank you and till next time :D

Thursday, December 18, 2014

Project Life | November Pages 4 | Johor Bahru Cafe Hop

A few weeks ago, I went to JB with my friends for a cafe hop + KTV + Movie date. It was lots of fun when the cafe + coffee enthusiast come together. We took so many photos that I have 3 spreads for just one day! And here goes!

The "Adventure" card is my favourite! I love triangles and diamond shape. And the brush stroke words art is just awesome together :D You can find this template from The Lilypad and Paislee Press

Added a page protector with 2x2 pockets for all the food and coffee photo. Because there are too many of them, I choose the tiny size  :)

Added some puffy stickers on transparency and tuck it inside the pocket

Dedicated entire page to business card and other ephemera. I stapled the card to a transparency and slot into the pocket, since the transparency is of 3x4 size, it helps to keep the card in the pocket. And since the transparency is transparent (of course), I can see both size of the card no problem :D

Another photo flip, this time round, for more ephemera 

A note one friend scribbled during our trip because some of us get lost ! Such a fun thing to keep for future read haha!

This is my favourite photo of the entire trip, silhouette outside a huge cafe. Can you figure out what word is this?

Thank you for stopping by :D

Tuesday, December 16, 2014

Project Life | November Pages 3

This is m third post of my November Project Life pages. Notice, I have more than 4 spread and I do not have 1 photo per day. Some days I have 20 photos, some days I have zero photo. I have gave up the "one photo a day" idea long ago because I really do not want to restrict myself. Moreover, somedays I basically wake up and sit in front of my computer doing work/watching tv the entire day and nothing else happen. No photos for those days and I'm ok with that.

My embellishments are generally label tags, enamel dots and flair badges. I also remove the foam dot behind to prevent too much dimension :) 

Sometimes I like to add the title directly onto the photo on my iphone, without the hassle of using photoshop. I mainly use Pic Tap Go app to edit the photos and Letterglow to add the title

Till next time :)

Sunday, December 14, 2014

Project Life | November Pages 2

Continuing my Project Life November Pages.  Again, I'm using some journaling cards from One Little Bird Design and Photo templates from Paislee Press

Adding the bookmark my friend kindly gave me :)
Bought the new iphone 6 plus and included the apple sticker inside, stuck to a sheet of transparency

Cards from various cafes and shops I visited this week is tucked inside a Maya Road envelop (again not gluing them down in case I want to use them for other purposes)

Another thing I used a lot this month is the Photo Flips from Simple Stories. It allow me to add 2 more photos than usual. There is a great video by Ali Edwards about the photo flips . You can get them from Simon Says stamp here.

Trimming away half of the pockets in this page protector to hold my embellishments. I love how this look, but it tends to puff up my album alot . Maybe next time I should consider adding this as a flip pocket on the outer 2 pockets.

Keeping things simple, journaling card + photo 

This is by far my most favourite photo template by Paislee Press as it can include 3 portrait photos in one 4x6 photo. Love it!