Thursday, December 30, 2010

Wednesday, December 29, 2010

More xmas cards :D (Or happy new year cards )

Some really overdue xmas cards :p
Can be for Happy new year too!
C01 - $2.50

C02 - $3.50
These are textured cards :D

C03 - $3.50

C04 - $3.50

C05 - $5.50
Waterfall cards :D

the interior will show when u pull the flap to right side
can put pictures and write greetings inside .
how fun!
an interactive card indeed :D

C06 - $5.50

Monday, December 20, 2010

Christmas cards - Collection 3 (dual)

Here are the done cards
Used basic grey - jovial paper
and My mind's eye - holly jolly paper

10 - 3pm (5hr) to make 3 cards
each card has 2 cover, one cny one xmas
and 2 inside area to write ur greetings

Each card is selling at $8.50
only has 3, must be fast!

Saturday, December 18, 2010

Interesting Dual X'mas cum CNY card :D

Well, this friend is pretty interesting.

Him: Can i have a card x'mas greeting in front
and chinese new year greeting behind?
Something like a 2 face card
so that i dun need to send 2 festive cards lol!
Me: haha, i can try.

So i' ve came up with a design for the card,
and probably making 2 more on top of his

will Upload tmr evening
for those who wants to save stamp cost haha , or
want to send 1 card for 2 festive
keep a look out:D

Cards are uni-sex???

Lol, I just had this funny conversation
with my friend who wants to buy a christmas card from me.

Me: Ah Wong uh, your card is for male or female?
Him: I thought greeting cards' uni-sex de? female.
Him : You doing your single-sex card now?
Me: Lol. Cos if guy, i cannot add too many flowers mah.
Him: ohh, for a moment, i tot u making 'i want marry you' card. haha.

Well, i guess cards have their gender, and their style , mood, characteristic etc just like the cardmakers, cardwriter, card receiver :D

What do you think?

Christmas cards - Collection 2 (simple)

Some simple cards i made to give my friends :D
Will be making about 4 more.
$2.50 each :D

Monday, December 13, 2010

Mini albums preview!

These are mini albums,
each consist of 4 pockets, and 4 tags.
They are about 10-15 dollars each.
Will upload pictures of those done products soon!

Christmas cards - collection 1

C1 - $3.50

C2 - $3.50

C3 - $3.50

C4 - $3.50

Collection 2

This collection of cards are general cards.
Words can be added for Birthday, mother's day, or any general purposes :D
A total of 14 cards here :)

C01 - $5.50

C02 - $ 2.50

C03 - $2.50

C04 - $3

C05 - $3
C06 - $3

C07 - $2.50

C08 - $2.50

C09 - $2.50

C10 - $3.50

C11 - $2.50

C12 - $2.50

C13 - $4

C13 - $4

C14 - $4