Sunday, June 30, 2013

Graduation and thank you teacher cards

It has been long since I uploaded new cards to the blog. It's my graduation this year and hence i have made some graduation cards for my friends. At the same time, I made a few extras to sell :) The thank you teacher cards are also suitable for teachers' day in the coming september.

Here are some that are for my friends. Not for sales


The following are for sales

As usual 
These cards are approximately 6" by 4"
All images are hand coloured :)
It comes with an envelop, colour of your choice
And a inside greeting of your choice :)

GTT#001 - $6

GTT#002 - $6

GTT#003 - $5

GTT#004 - $5

GTT#005 - $4.50

GTT#006 - $4.50

GTT#007 - $6

GTT#008 - $6

The following cards are $4.50 each









The following are some graduation cards.

GTT#016 - $6

GTT#017 -  $6

GTT#018 -  $5.50

GTT#019 -  $5.50

GTT#020 -  $5

Tuesday, June 18, 2013

BIGGER Grab bags for sales :)

Hello all, I'm back again selling GRAB BAGS. Bigger and yummier bags! The new grabbag contains these stamps which are shown in the picture. 

Each Grabbag include 12x12 papers, 8x8 paper pad or 6x6 paper pad, Washi tapes, embellishments , and some mix medium stuff such as ink pads as spray mist . Some items are brand new some are used . All bags have brand new stuff. Such as these stamps , mostly are brand new while the rest are used only once or twice only. Each bag is $35 only. Value of items inside are retailed at more than $90! ONLY ELEVEN available .  I ordered the bags from 1-11 and will distribute in order accordingly 

If interested, please contact me via email : Or if you know me personally, contact me which ever means convenient :) thank you !