Monday, September 9, 2013

Project Life System Day 1 - General system

Since this post in Nov 2012, I have not updated anything about my project life. That is because I'm so into getting the photos printed that none of the spread have other things but just photos. Embarrassed to say, my previous systems doesn't work for me.

Over the weekend, I took out all my project life stuff and start "planning". I have been journaling on an online journal for 2 months and I have been keeping up since. I have a place where i keep all my ephemera, unsorted. I have all my photos from the iphone and uploaded to my Photo editor - Lightroom. I sat down and spent 3 hours editing all the photos for 2 months, collage it and then print.

Then I see that some weeks are more photo heavy than others. So i group them chronologically but not necessary by the calendar week. I prefer them to be in the weeks of the month. For example the spread i'm sharing is the first and second week of July. Rather than saying week 27 and 28, which i have already lost track of. It doesnt bother me that one spread isnt a week , but i'm a mathematician, so chronology still needs to be there

My week start on Monday and ends on Sunday. 

I worked with the 2 studio calico PL and Card kits Valley high and Marks&Co I added photos, then backgroud papers, journaling cards and filler cards.

After added photos and pattern, I add some embellishments, then i add my journaling, explaining the photos

Here is my spread. 

I don't have 6x12 photo sleeve, 
so i trim one 12x12 photo sleeve into half and dump the other half
Perfect :)

I printed the journaling straight from my online journaling
and fill it into one of the normal document pocket 
In singapore , it's the A4 size, akin to 8.5 by 11
Journaling - quick and easy - done :)

Added an extra Design G page protector

The labels are a set of printables from Hello Forever, 
you can find them here

Photos are mostly taken using iphone camera
some are using Hipstamatic, which give the cool effect you see below

Love this process of doing 2 months of project life in one weekend. I guess it works better for me like this rather than sitting down every weekend, with the online journaling, i wont forget what i experience. The journaling printed are mostly emotional, although some are factual stuff while the writed journaling is all factual, and usually with reference to the photo such as what happen in the photo, or what is the food , where i bought it, where is the place, etc.

 Leave a comment below sharing what is your project life system(link to blogpost if there is) One commenter will walk away with these goodies

Commens close at the end of this month. Come join in the fun for Scrapbooking systems in September :) Stay tune, tomorrow i will be sharing how i use project life to scrapbook major events :)


yoksan said...

Thanks for sharing your pretty projects - very inspiring. The most difficult part for me is the photo printing and the journaling!

Joey said...

I go by month instead of by week. Cant keep track by the usual weekly system.

Angeline Tan said...

Thanks for sharing :) Well, I usually just put the photos & journalling in powerpoint haha! When I have time (& have the photos printed out), I'll just start working on them. I don't do it on a weekly basis, only things that I want to remember :) But I'm quite messy cause all my embellishments & papers are from everywhere so I spend a long time deciding how to decorate each photo :(
Just wondering, since you mention you do print the printables, what printer do you use? :)

Margie said...

I haven't done PL yet-at first I was opposed, because I like "normal" scrapbooking, and I thought that it would take away from my time to do that-however-I now see the benefits of it and am looking into starting it-but I am still in the information and supply gathering stage!

crave- said...

dropping you some love!! hahaha. i do by... event basis, or as and when i feel like! not discipline enough to do weekly, mthly also got abit of difficulty!!

and printing photos has got to be the most troublesome.

your share certain make me feel like whipping something out tonight!

pepper said...

Thanks ladies for the comments! Angeline - I print using a normal HP deskjet printer, nothing fancy. I'm thinking of changing to one with rear feed so that it will print my journaling better on my pattern papers :D

Margie - I really hope to see you starting on project life :) Please share if you do! And maybe u can start on getting a kit from Studio calico and a few page protectors :D that's good enough to start before you dive in :)

Adele Ang said...

Hello! I just started on your series of Project Life systems! Hehe, I have yet to start on project life, but I love using their cards for albums and cards! (: Liking your spread so far (:

jeanette koh said...

Amazed, I can never take a time out to sit and journal for months. I salute u. Hehe. Your ideas always make my hands itch :p btw, how do you usually know how to print the words to appear at the position of the paper that you want?