Sunday, September 29, 2013

Scrapbooking system day 3 - Journaling

I'm a fan of Evernote

It took me awhile to realize that I dont like to do journaling 
the reason is because designing and writing is 2 kind of process
when i'm in the creative mode, I dont want to slow down and think about what to write
hence I decide to seperate the 2 process

I set up notebooks for different purposes
One notebook for each scrapbook class
One notebook for each scrapbook process
Hence I have a notebook for Childhood stories
And I can drag photos into the notes and have them with me everywhere I go
I journal on my way to work , on my way home
I add bits and pieces of notes as and when I thought of them 
and i also use it to record the random ideas which pop up time and again 
so that i won't lose track of them

When i have journaling for a few layouts ready
I will then scrapbook them
Sometimes I try to prevent myself from scrapbooking those pages without journaling done
because even thought i might say i will come back and journal on these pages
it never get done!

Try Evernote, and share with me how it's like :)

This week's giveaway 
To be entered into this giveaway, leave a comment sharing what is your favourite method of journaling, or what kind of apps do you use to take notes.  
Comments will be closed at the end of the month. The winners will be posted 1st October.

Thank you for the comments , and have a great day!


kat p said...

I often use a Notebook for my thoughts...but not all the time and I'm totally fine with that! (;
some layouts do have journaling, some dont...just date/place/time/persons. (;
But thats ok for me.
My PL has more journaling and so have my Mini-Books (;

have a lovely day!!!

Angeline Tan said...

Hehe ironically I like to scrap & journal at the same time :) Though sometimes I note the journals down in case by the time I scrap, I forget all the fun but small details :)

jeanette koh said...

I'm not a technology savvy person. Hence, "S note" works fine for me. It has different templates for users to use, from note, to sketch, to diary also! Whenever I'm on the go and I suddenly think of a moment, I'll pen it down into my "S Note". It also allows users to create different folders so that you can sort your notes, ideas, drawings, etc into the various folders ^.^

grace said...

I recently downloaded Evernote and I'm LOVING it! It's so handy, especially when I'm on the road.
I just type it up and it automatically syncs with my phone and computer!

I journal in a notebook too, only to practice and change my handwriting haha