Monday, September 9, 2013

New Blog Series - Systems September !

Hello all! I have been a lazy blogger, my bad.
But I've been a busy and hardworking crafter!
I'm just dreading the process of taking photos and uploading the photos hehe.

Recently, I re-listen to many of the Paperclipping Roundtable episodes and  It got me thinking about my own process and systems. I truly believe that we have to scrapbook enough to know our own process. And process/systems keep changing and updating as you go along your scrapbooking journey. 

Hence, this september, i have decided to share my systems with you all. Here is what's up in this September.

This week, i'm sharing about my project life system and how i make it such that it's meaningful and personal to me , and how it fits my busy schedule. I 'm also sharing additional tips each day to make the spreads come together. Here are some relavent episodes on project life  PRT #49, #115, #144, #170

Next week i'm sharing how i organise a tiny scrap space to suit my scrapbooking system. Here are some relavent episodes on organising your scrap space
PRT #41, #53, #70, #81, #154 and #173

Final week i'm going to share my scrapbooking process for long and big projects. 
For process and systems - PRT #006#007 ,#26, #67, #102, #111
For long projects , try PRT #38, #64, #71, #96

I also have some giveaways added into the post, so follow along and i hope it help you to adapt your own scrapbooking system :)

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