Monday, September 30, 2013

Scrapbooking system day 5 - Page kits from Project Kits

Hands up if you reach a stage like me, where you practically cannot stick to one choice of paper or embellishment when you're working on your project. Hands down. 
Me too. I'm totally a person who keep looking for more options

That's the reason why I can only work with SEVERAL layouts at one time
I also call it batch tasking.
I seldom sit down with supplies for just one layout
Instead, I grab a few photos i wanna scrap and then pack a kit for that set of photos
then I go through the paper and pic out the suitable backgroud for each layout/photo

I then go through the embellishments and also match them to my layouts

I then lay some other pattern papers I want to use on the layouts

So at one time, I can have 2,3 4 or even 5 layouts in progress.
After matching them into potential page kits 
I start cutting the pattern paper into sizes 

I often have my pinterest board on my ipad mini
when i assemble the layout
for inspiration of where to place my embellishments and photos
After I place all the papers and embellishments in place
only then will I start pasting the papers down

Here is a view of how I get 3 layouts done in one sitting :)

I also start to pack page kit for my Childhood layouts

Sometimes the photo inspire the color combination of the page
other times the paper inspire the layout
that means sometimes I look at the photo and i thought of a paper that goes with it
while the other times i look at a paper and i'm reminded of a photo which is suitable for this layout

Dad feels like gray and blue

mum feels like red and pink :)

I hope you can give this batch tasking a try :)
It has been working so well for me lately
or you can try to pack page kits as well :)
It's fun!

I hope you have been enjoying System September

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Filly Yustong said...

i think u r simply awesomee!! i can't work with more than 1 layout at a time.. i guess sometimes i over think on what to do with my layout, however nothing beats the fun of making a layout ^^

Angeline Tan said...

Wow I cannot multitask but it seems effective :)

Love My 4 J's said...

That might help me get back into scrapping. Thanks for the inspiration! :)