Saturday, September 14, 2013

[BONUS] Project Life System Day 6 - Kitting up a project life kit !

SURPRISE ! I'm adding a little something to my project life system post today! I'm sharing how i kit up a project life kit for myself! 

After finding that a studio calico kit really works well for me, i decide to go on and try to pack a kit for myself, adding embellishments that i find myself using from the studio calico kits, and eliminating those that i don't use. Of course, i'm adding stuff i put into the spreads but are out of the kit. Then, it became my own project life kits!

I started off by flipping through the project life cards i own.

I pick out some beautiful phrases card

then i pic out some journaling cards

Finally some background design cards which i can either choose to journal on or leave it like this or i can even add photos over it. I also love the transparent element that i share yesterday, hence i cut some Hambly transparency down into 3x4 . I repeat the process for 4x6 cards.

First example

This is the first kit i packed. YUMMY? :D hehe, i love love it!
There are about 36 3x4 cards and 8 4x6 cards
I added some stickers, small embellishments and etc

These are the cards

2 rolls of washi tapes

some flair buttons

and some wood veneers

Second example

I managed to find an alphabet sticker that is a small size, almost 4x6
I also think of some other products that is suitable to fit into this small cute box

Some other suggestions are these

From basic grey captured line

Dear Lizzy

Amy Tangerine Cut and Paste Line

Some close ups

Again, my favourite flairs and washi tapes

Where do i put the kit when i'm using it?

Well, I have this RATIONELL Waste sorting bin  from Ikea 

I dump the entire kit into this small bin while i'm crafting

I hang it on my trolley that sits beside me when i craft 
Awesome eh? :D

Currently the kits are sitting here nicely in my expedit
if i need to use them, i just use one of the bins and craft into them :)

Thanks for dropping by again!
Leave a comment sharing where do you get your supplies for PL. Do you get them from kit clubs? Do you get from Becky Higgins Core kits? Or do you get them from your own stash of supplies? Or maybe a combination of all. Stand a chance to win the following

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Margie said...

These kits are fantastic! Pinning the ideas for when I start PL!

Luv2stamp said...

Such good ideas!! Can't wait to look through my stuff and make my own kit. Just bought my first core kit and love it!!

Katie Bennett-Davies said...

I've not seen any kits available here in the UK that I think I would like so I have ordered a mini kit and then once I've done a couple of spreads I'll have an idea of the kind of products I like to use.

I found your blog through a PL Facebook group and I'm glad I did because I like the posts I've read so far.

Love Katie x

Ps please enter me in the giveaway.

grace said...

What a great idea!!
I have so many products so it can be overwhelming at times. I'm currently getting all my project life kits from Studio Calico and I love them all so far :)

Shimizu Aoi said...

oh my! it looks beautiful and nice! Love it! <3

Adele Ang said...

Making your own kits is such a great idea! Not only do you know what you want, but you get to make it even more personal also (:

Gypsy said...

I have four BH core kits and one mini (I think I might have gone over the top). I get them from my LSS and online stores. No kit clubs for me because the postage is a killer- I definitely covert Studio Calico, Gossamer Blue, Citrus Twist and Jenni Bowlin's though.