Thursday, September 26, 2013

Scrapbooking system day 2 - The Photos

Hello all, 
Today i'm sharing my process of selecting photos
I select photos from a stack of old photo albums
all the photos taken in the 90s are 3x5 instead of the 4x6 these days
I scan them on my Hp deskjet scanner
it fits 5 photos and i scan all 5 at one go, 
and cut them up on my photo manager 
I use Lightroom to add a little contrast and brighten things up a little
sometimes changing the white balance if the photo is too warm or too greenish
or turning some photos black and white because the composition is a little distracting
sometimes the photo is a little loud and i tone things down by decreasing the satuation

I print using my pretty little canon selphy 900
it's great as it has wireless printing 
and it print with lovely colours
it's convenient as i can go and see how many photos are they in an event
decide the size and the type of page protectors to use
and print them acording to size
Majority of them are in 4x6, while some are 3x4
I had shared a video of this darling printing some photos here on my instagram

So far, I have scanned and print all the photos i choosen up to 7years old
it's already about 200 photos
I dont want to scrap them all!
I want them documented but not all in the traditional layouts as that will mean i need to do about 80-100 layouts

Since I want to scrapbook my childhood chronologically
the next thing i do is I go ahead and spilt the photos into 5 piles
before 3 years old, 4 years old, 5 years old , 6 years old and 7 years old
Also, i have 2 piles of event photo
i went to the zoo and birdpark almost every year
so those i decide to scrap together instead of putting into the chronology

So then i started slotting things into the pocket pages
some important photos with big story get a page

my parents wedding photos are not printed yet
they will go here

I'm using a post it to remind myself

others which has lots of photos
goes into the Becky Higgins Project Life page protector

I will share till here
see you tomorrow :)

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Thank you for the comments , and have a great day!


Julie GM said...

wow! that's a lot of work! good for you & tackling it! you'll be so happy with the end result! I need to do same! I have tons of photos before my digital camera too. wish me luck!

Angeline Tan said...

Wow how are you gonna scrap 200 photos at one go :O Hmm my favourite childhood memories are those before kindergarten where my parents always dress me up & take photos haha! :D Hope to see you share your completed album :)

jeanette koh said...

Omgoodness! You make me so wanna feel like digging out all childhood photos and scrapping it! Got the mojo feel from you haha! Well, my favourite childhood memories are the trips to Fantasy Island at Sentosa. Well, sadly, it's no longer there, and I don't think I have any photos relating to those moments when I was still a small kid back then. But still, if I ever have the chance to find those photos, I'll definitely come back here to get my mojo feel haha! Thanks for sharing! !! ^.^