Saturday, September 14, 2013

Project Life system Day 5 - quick journaling tip

Yesterday's spreads are my absolute favourite, because of tones of photos and ephemera. Today i'm sharing spread from August wk 2 to wk 4. There are far less photos and journaling by hand. This is life, sometimes less things happen around , or i'm just lazy to take more photos.

Time saving Journaling
Adding interesting touch of transparent elements

This is week 2 and 3 , 2 wks in a spread.

Added a receipt of my recent huge order from typo
tons of office supplies

next page is my journaling for both weeks. 
Here is my big tip for journaling. Go to 
Register there and they will send you and email everyday/week 
however you want to see it,
at a specific time, if you want.
Just hit reply and share you story from the day :) 
It get recorded onsite, and you can download 
I just printed the entire month worth of journaling, 5 pages, and chuck right into the page protector,
and i call it done!

I'm actually introduced to by Stacy Julian on the Paperclipping Roundtable
Try it! I haven miss a day since i started it
Especially working if you're a email person :) 
And if typing is easier than writing for you

I used to keep track of my Journaling on an app called Awesome Note

and then Evernote

But none of them really work that well for me
I add photos into it, and then journal. I just love the simplicity of ohlife
I have pretty much gotten over the fact that the photos and your journaling dont have to match. It's like even better! The photos tells a more visual and physical aspects of my life, and the words tells a more emotional parts of  life. I have got the best of both worlds!

Small little price tags cut out from the office supplies

The journaling.

I love adding transparency to my pocket pages
Learn that from Ali Edwards .
Studio calico kit has this lovely piece of transparency

Last week of august.

That's all from me today! Leave a comment and share with me what is your favorite way of keeping track of your journaling. Remember to leave your comment after reading. Every comments is entitled to one winning chance throughout the month, for these goodies 

I have new goodies for next series of post, but comments are open until end of this month ! So do share your comments with me! That's all i have for my project life system! come back next week, I will be sharing all about my Organisation System, also with new giveaway goodies :) Till then!


Margie said...

I love your PL!

Angeline Tan said...

I just use Words doc or PPT with the photo hehe. Didn't know there were so many fancy apps, but it worked fine for me :) At times, I just don't keep track & write what I remember of the event when I scrap it!

pepper said...

Angeline! Love how you document them so traditionally :D I'm like a super random person who think about ideas when i'm walking , on my way to work, when showering, when i'm on bed before sleeping etc. I just like the portability to journal on an app so that it's mobile :D I'm glad your method works for you! It's so great to find a system that works for you!

grace said...

I have a filofax where I plan all my days and write memorable things in. I've been using this method for a few months and it really works for me :)

Angeline Tan said...

Hehe wow you're so full of inspiration! No wonder you need the mobile app :)

Adele Ang said...

I love the transparencies!