Thursday, September 19, 2013

Organisational Systems Day 4 - The scrapbooker bookcase Part 2

Hello! I'm back with the second part of storage solution on my Expedit

using the below avery plastic pocket

i use kraft paper and small alphabet sticker to divide and label the stamps
they are all sitting in a daiso container

Project Life
I store the project life cards in 2 daiso containers

they are divided by collection
and type of cards
say journaling cards, pattern cards or word cards

I keep all my ephemera in one daiso box
i placed some glassine pockets on top
so that i can easily grab some put inside and scrapbook them

The Lazy Box
I also have something called the LAZY box
it is where i dont organise the items, i just dump everything inside
these are expedit plastic boxes
which fits nicely inside the expedit bookcase

the first lazy box is The recycle bin
i put all the plastic sheets, kraft papers which scrapbooking kits come in
chipboard backing of page protectors and toilet rolls
sometimes i use chipboards and toilet rolls for mini albums and projects

the second one is the new box
in which i dump the new things i'm lazy to put away

The giveaway box
I also have another lazy box in the living room under the table
where i place products i'm going to giveaway 
when it gets too full, i make grab bags and sell them here
this is a good system for me to remove clutters as new stuff keep coming in!

Hope you enjoy the series so far This week we have a new giveaway. 

My Favorite Things LEAD THE WAY Die-Namics MFT

My Mind's Eye SIMPLY LOVELY Brads Honey The Sweetest Thing

Thanks for all the comments yesterday.
To be entered into this giveaway, leave a comment sharing what is your favourite storage container:) 
Comments will be closed at the end of the month. The winners will be posted 1st October.

Check in tomorrow for more storage ideas i'm sharing :)


Angeline Tan said...

Love how you store your stamps! Super neat. Basically I have similar storage solution as you too, stamp box, PL box, lazy box. But somehow some non-lazy box are evolving to look like lazy box. How do you manage to keep everything so neat?!?

yoksan said...

Very neat!!!

Yenni Natalia said...
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Yenni Natalia said...

OMG i love your stamp organization. sure need to check SSS for the plastic sleeve :D. love the divider too :) great idea!

my favourite storage container will be A4 case that i bought from popular to store most of my precious Penny Black stamps.
it not only keep the dust away but also i could save more space with putting the case standing vertically :)

Margie said...

My favorite storage container is my Artbin with magnetic sheets for my wafer thin dies!

Anonymous said...

my favourite are the mini luggage case ... too cute to resist =D

Julie GM said...

Love this! I have an Ikea Expedit wall unit too. Love it! I also love my Ikea white storage boxes w/the metal label holders. I have wood open boxes, blue linen box, pretty wire baskets, love my ceramic berry containers too!

Online Children's Book Shop said...
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Nadia Kua said...

Love your cool storage solution ideas. I wish I have a craft room so I can get the Ikea Expedit wall units.

At the moment, I have to make do with storage containers from Toyogo such as Cabinet drawers and A4 File cases to store dies, stamps and papers.

jeanette koh said...

Omg, I doubt I have the patience to deal with my stamps like how you've done! So so nice and organised! Maybe 1 day I should try out, but sort according to the items instead of manufacturers cause im not very good at identifying.
Currently I guess I can only love my 5-tier drawers? Haha. Cause toyogo containers ain't friendly. I need to first see which container is the one that i need and then carry the containers that are stacking over it down, and then dig one after another just to find something cause the container depth is deep. But for drawers, they are more easily assessible. So I put my stamps in the drawers, and punches in another, and binding wires in another. (;

hui yi said...

Hi pepper !! I really like your posts.

Gypsy said...

You have some great ideas. I like have some cardboard cupcake cases right in front of me on the table- I put into it some of the little stuff I've have had way to long and use or lose. If it's out of sight it's out of mind. I also love that all my paper scraps smaller than 8.5x11 are in a filling draw system sorted by colour- I really use them this way. It's not portable but I don't go out to scrap much anyway.