Thursday, July 17, 2014

Day In the Life May 2014

Greetings! It has been a fun time for me recently, starting my new facebook page and I'm having so much fun sharing things over there! Hop over and give it a Like ! *Hint hint : Lots of giveaway coming up! *

Today i'm going to share my Day In The Life scrapbook pages which I had done in May. 
Check out more about Day In The Life by Ali EdwardsI did the layout using the Collect App
being inspired by Annette Haring during the Project Life Lessons class by Big Picture Classes

Love the simplicity of the app, it's easy to have photo and journaling , date and time all in one place. I simply export the photos and print them using my Canon Selphy

This spread with 1 6x12 insert and one 9x12 insert is done within 1 hour!

*click on the image for a clearer view * 
First page

6x12 insert (front)

6x12 insert (Back)

9x12 insert (front)

The cards in the studio calico kits are so beautiful that it don't need much decorating 

Using stamp and versa mark ink 
Looks printed :)

Adding little touches with the cute asterisk  

Love feather , and gold!
What's better than a gold feather flair?

Stamping with a light colour and blending the stamped image into the card design

adding goosebumps for some sparks

Geotag + heart + clip? Awesome!

Studio calico have this really tiny alpha sticker!
Check out this sticker in all colours in Studio Calico Colour Theory line! 

Another gold flair in the kit. So cute

The spreads

Thank you for popping by! Do leave a comment and share your Day In the Life layouts with me too! 
Till then! :)


Jen Gallacher said...

Your facebook banner looks incredible. How fun!

pepper said...

Thank you Jen :)