Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Valentines Day 2012 - Sliding cards !

Hello! As promised i'm back here today with all the sliding cards 
(tomorrow will be the pop up cards)

Here goes
These cards aren't like normal cards which you flip open
They actually PULLS open to reveal a space for writing your message

 Each card is SGD7 
*All cards are made from good quality and acidic free materials
which allows you to keep for a long time without spoiling*
It comes with an coloured envelop (of your choice)
and an option to add a greeting(of your choice) into the interior of the cards
More information will be sent to you when you order your card


Note that each card is unique
and there are no exact same cards made here :)
Hence all sales are first come first serve

Pls place your order via email 
or leave a comment here  :)
(Payment method - 1. Cash on delivery.  2. Ibanking
Collection method - 
1.Meet up in NUS or convenient MRT stations. 
2. Postage (postage charges applies ))

Above card still available

If you happen to prefer the pop up cards
stay tune for tomorrow's post!

For those who have not join in the fun of the notebooks giveaway
feel free to do so before 14th feb to get a chance to win them! :D 
(ref to previous post for more information)

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