Saturday, February 4, 2012

Valentines Day 2012 - Card set 3 (chevron patterned cards)

Hello guys! How’s things going?
 We are into the 3rd day of the LOVELY  month , 
so here am I with the 3rd set of cards to share with you :D

 This set of cards ,
 I call them chevron patterned card, 
and the chevron paper are hand made by me :D
 Really like how it turns out.

I have 3 of each colour,
 white and kraft(brown). 
You can add your own greetings in the card and title on the outside of the card. 
3 of them are already stamped J

I might come up with another set of chevron patterned cards later .

Each card is SGD4.50
 and it comes with a free envelop.

*Click on the picture for a larger and clearer view of the photo*

Some close ups J

3 pieces available

The ones that already have greetings on them :)

some close ups:)

Above available

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