Sunday, February 12, 2012

Some older guestbooks yet to be shared :D

Here i'm sharing with you guys some 
guest books i have made last year

#1 - for my friend Jannice :) 
This guestbook has a spiral binding
and it's a more vintage themed book 

 inside includes decoration for every group of friends attending her party
including me! haha, can you spot me in the picture above?

The pages designed will serve as dividers 
so that each group of friends write in the blank papers 
that are found after their photo :)

#2 - Maggie's guestbook

This is also another spiral binded guestbook
i like to make spiral binded books cos it's more versatile

 Just love this butterfly so much

# 3 - guestbook for wei xin

This guestbook is about 12 x 7 inches (like an A4 sized book)
it's hinge binded (like a hard cover book)
It is actually same style as the guestbook i made for my friend 
you can find the post here

 love this cupcake!

# 4 - guestbook for HuiJuan

This is a paper bag album
It's about 6x6 or 7x7 inches
it is also hinge binded
Inside include tags that can be pulled out for  your guests to write on them
The advantage of this album is that it kind of saves time 
instead of letting your guest waits for the book,
 they can just take a tag and start writing:)

A similar book is the one i made for a kid's birthday 
you can find the post here
The only difference is that this is made of paper bags
while the kid's album is made of envelops
but they work the same :D

Pls feel free to leave a comment if you have any qns
or email me at
if you have any questions

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