Friday, February 10, 2012

Valentines' Day 2012 - Mini albums and tag books (version 2)

Hello! Today is the 9th post 
and here i have with me some mini albums

 I call them the Eco Mini albums
Because they are made of recycled materials!
Anyone can guess what are the recycled materials?
Hehe, I will come back tomorrow with the answers :D

These albums consist of 4 pockets
And they are either ring binded or ribbon binded
Each pocket contains a tag 
Which you can pull out
(for more pictures of the Eco Mini , check out this post)
Unlike the tag book, 
these pockets are made of more hard and sturdy material
and each page is a different design then the other.

#1 - SGD20 SOLD

#2 - SGD20SOLD

#3 - SGD 20SOLD

#4 - SGD15 SOLD

#5 - SGD20SOLD

Here I also have with me 5 tag book.
It is a little different than the other one i post few days ago :)
(check it out here)
This one, the tags pulls out horizontally rather than vertically
This one has 5 pockets
Each pocket comes with a tag
This one look more like a hard cover book :)

Each is SGD10

*All tagbook/albums are made from good quality and acidic free materials
which allows you to keep for a long time without spoiling*
You has an option to add a title to the tag book/album


Note that each tag book/album is unique
and there are no exact same album made here :)
Hence all sales are first come first serve

Pls place your order via email
or leave a comment here  :)
(Payment method - 1. Cash on delivery. 
 2. Ibanking
Collection method - 
1.Meet up in NUS or convenient MRT stations. 
2. Postage (postage charges applies ))

'Hope to hear from you soon !:D


rachel said...

hi whats the measurement of the eco mini albums? :)

pepper said...

Hi Rachel, thanks for your interest.The Eco Mini Album is about 3inches by 4 inches :)

Slightly bigger than palm :)