Sunday, February 5, 2012

Valentines Day 2012 - Mini Tag Book!

 Mini Tag book!

This is my favouritest of all the mini albums I’ve made! 
Because it’s just soooooooo cute! 

Mini Tag Book – SGD 10
-          3 inches x 4 inches
-          Includes 8 double sided tags
*Refer to the last picture of this series of products
 for a view of the interior of the tag book *

*click on the picture of the product for a clearer pictures*

#1 - Boy's album SOLD

 #2 - The girl's pink SOLD

 #3 - Pastel bluesSOLD

 #4 - wood-grain brownSOLD

You can write your message on each of the small tags, 
or paste your favourite photos of you and your love ones on them.
 It’s up to your imagination! 
The ways to use this tag book is unlimited! 
Tie a ribbon to the top of each tag to add colours! 
(customisation available , for more information, 
or leave a comment J

Tiny Tag Book – SGD 8
-2inches x 3 inches
-Includes 8 double sided tags

 #1 - Tiny yellow

 #2 - Blue with heartsSOLD

#3 - Pink Favourites

 #4- scarlet redSOLD

This is how the interior of the tag book look like :)

Some of you have been asking me 
about how to print my pictures so small for mini albums or mini tagbook like these? 
Well my answer is – PICASA! - A free photo editing program by Google.
You can just collage 6,8 ,12 or 16 pictures into one 4R picture.
This method is much cheaper than doing the collage at the photo printing shop :D

And some others have been asking 
where do we print pictures for scrapbooking or making gift for our love ones?
My answer is – Harvey Norman
You can actually sign up for membership at the 
HN photo centre for an amount of membership fee
and get a 30% discount on the prints!
That means you only need to spend 18cents for each 4R photo!
I use to print in bulk there, because this is the cheapest i have ever found!

I hope you have enjoy today's reveal 
Stay tune for tomorrow because there will be another VIDEO!

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