Monday, December 31, 2012

12 things in 2012

Hello people! 2012 is coming to an end in about an hour's time. I thought I should scrapbook about a year in review. Here i list 12 'significant' things I went through in my 2012 life. You might want to give it a try :) And here goes my list!

1. Visit BF in Adelaide, Australia.

2. Taught my scrapbooking classes, and call it a success :)

3. Bought an iphone 5 and 3rd laptop

4. Attended Meiling, Maggie and many other friends' Graduation night

5. Visit Universal studios singapore for the 4th time!

6. Successfully organised the 8th JC class outing in which 13 people attended :)

7. Attended the first University tutorial group outing - lunch at loving hut

8. Celebrated 3rd year, and still counting :)

9. Scrapbooked the most number of pages in my life so far! (about 40?)
10. Most successful Pepper Creations bazaar at NUS in February, followed by another one in NTU in August and a 3rd one in NUS again in August :)

11. Celebrated Chinese new year with one of the biggest group of people!

12. Went to Expo bookfair with sister on the first day of the sales, members only exclusive sales that includes almost 2/3 of the people in Singapore!

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