Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Merry Merry xmas!

Hello guys! I'm back here with a new batch of cards!
Christmas cards of cos :)

These cards are absolutely intereactive :) You pull in on one side, and the other side pops right out! How fun! This is actually the best selling card ever since the last 2 bazaar events i have done. They got sold out like hotcakes! Also, I have improvised the card such that it pulls very smoothly out and doesn't get jammed at all :) So they are certainly the right piece of card for this festive season! :D

  • Each card is approximately 6" by 3.5". 
  • They are $8 each (buy 2 at $14!)
  • All cards comes with envelops, and you can make request to add special greetings or titles to the cards :)
  • The cards that pulls out is double sided, that gives you 4 sides to write on, add photographs and etc! How cool is that? :) It can even be made into a mini album already :)


This is the card when it's presented
Now, pull the right ribbon to the right

Tee daa! The card slips right open on both side!

Close ups









XM#010 (SOLD)

XM#011 (Sold)

To order, just drop me an email or leave a comment
 with the card code XM#0__

Meanwhile, I have a request for friendship cards
Making a few and going to publish them tomorrow :)

Till then :)


SamSam said...

wow this is brilliant =) you are really a craft machine!

pepper said...

Thanks Sam! :)