Monday, September 28, 2015

Midori Traveler's Notebook | Melbourne 2015 - Handy Handphone Apps (Evernote + Instax + Canon)

This post is way overdue. I prepared it in advance along with the previous two post about scrapbooking my Melbourne trip in my Midori. However I totally forgot about it as Week In The Life comes along and then I went to Adelaide yet again. So here I am back in my crafty space finishing up my WITL and actually i got it DONE today :) Here is a sneak peak

So in this post I'm suppose to share with you the apps that helps me scrapbook my travels in my iPhone . I believe these are available in the Android phone as well.

1. Evernote

 I cannot live without this. If my Evernote notes are gone, I cannot function. I have a notebook set up for each travel, which I dump my itinerary and etc inside. I have one notebook for one travel, they are kept in a "stack" of notebooks .

 The notebooks have notes that keep track of some of my thoughts and feelings. I type as I travel, on and off, here and there. Somedays I end earlier, I will type into it before I sleep. So when I journal in my Midori back here at home, I pull out those itinerary to check names of places, my plans and etc

 2. Instax app

I print photos on the go using my instax share printer. To do that, I print everything from my iPhone via this app. Here is a great How to guide 

3. EOS Canon Remote app

Sometimes I just need to print photo that I took using my DSLR . I will connect my iPhone to my 6D wifi , and download the pictures into my phone using this app :)

So here is the last process video

Photos of the pages :)

Here is the end of my Midori series for Melbourne :) I will be coming back for another series for my Adelaide travel in September :) Before that, I will be sharing my WITL photos and videos . So look forward to that!

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