Thursday, October 1, 2015

Week In The Life 2015 | Let's chop up the photos!

*You can read all my post on WITL here  and more about the project on Ali Edwards blog*

Here is my process video on chopping up the photos :)

AND - I got a NEW PRINTER YAY! It's the Canon Pixma iP8770. and it's AWESOME :) I heard from my Scrappy friend that the semi gloss is good and I tried stamping on it, it gives great results. Hence I went ahead and bought some. I also tried another brand called Ilford, which I'm new to. It's much cheaper, the quality is great too. Some scrappy friend mention it fades under sunlight. We shall see . *Fingers cross*

 This is my stash!

I printed the same image on 3 papers. Personally I feel that canon paper are not pure white, it's more to the ivory cream side. I prefer Ilford paper, whiter. 

Here is a look closed up. Not too different. 

Here is a comparison for the 4x6 photos paper by canon. I did not get the matte one. In this range, I prefer the semi gloss one from canon.

I will continue to share my process here :) Subscribe on youtube to be updated on the new videos :) 

For more information about Week In The Life™ check out Ali Edwards projects page Week In The Life™ 2015 will begin August 17th. Also check out Ali's archive of past Week In The Life™ blog posts

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