Monday, August 24, 2015

Week In The Life 2015 | Top 10 Photos

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I'm happy to call my 3rd instalment of  Week in the life is a success. I'm glad it's over, I guess I get a little burnt out taking so many photos of the days that I foresee myself not taking photos for the rest of the month. 

Well let's get to the point. Today I share my thoughts of this project and the top 10 (types of ) photos that I have taken this week. 

This year week in the life falls on a special week of my life.The previous two years of WITL and even most of my PL spreads does not include my partner L, as he is mostly overseas. When I realise that the week Ali choose is the week that L is back, my immediate thought was to do it one week after, so that I capture a “usual” week of my life. On second thought , I guess it’s a chance for me to really capture us again - the little details, the walks, the laughter and the things we share. 

In addition, I also made extra effort bring my SLR around and to make full use of the timer function on it. I took photos in the most absurd location that I never attempt before, including on the floor of a carpark. (Yes DANGEROUS)

Let's dive into the top 10 favourite photos of the week :) 

1. Photos that peer through doors at home 
This is of course inspired by Ali Edwards, she takes great photo of peering through the bedroom window, taking photos of her children in bed reading , lit by a bedside lamp

2. Easiest selfie without the face 
I learn to take top view photos from Jennifer Lake (Instagram :Sunlightandair) She is an expert in this. I love that such photos can capture the colours of my outfit of the day including my shoes, and even what i'm holding on my hands.

3. Selfie when i'm working
Self timer on the SLR is great for this, and my 28mm lens on a full frame camera works great

4. Capturing daily routine

5. Capturing motion
After seeing Ali's photo of her buying grocery, I'm determined to take photos similar to that. So I always look left and right, to make sure that the place i'm at isnt crowded. I take the plunge to set the timer and place it at wherever convenient. Below are 3 photos I took of myself walking 

In the office, walking to my own desk (this is perhaps the perspective of my desk )

Leaving work place

Coming home

6. Capturing interaction with love ones
Watching our favourite variety show
Capture the moments when we are all using smart devices (PS this photo is taken by my mum - coddles to her!)

Me and mum working in the kitchen

7. Capturing the commute
Waiting at the Bus stop
On the bus

8. Photos taken without looking into the view finder
This image is blurred, i have no idea where it was focused, but I wanted to capture the moment when I'm boarding the bus, so I took a photo while I walk towards the door without looking into the view finder. It turns out pretty good, I love the feel of this photo :)

9. Capturing the details 

10. Of my work
And of course the interaction with my student :)

That's it! top 10 photos of this year :) I totally enjoyed this journal and hope that you did too :) I will continue editing the images and hope to be able to scrapbook it soon! So stay tune for more WITL post from me :)

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