Friday, August 21, 2015

Midori Traveler's Notebook | Melbourne 2015 - Journaling

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Hello all, I'm back here with more videos on Midori Travelers Notebook. This two weeks I will be sharing on a particular notebook inside this notebook stack - my 3 day trip to Melbourne. It involves tons of Coffee goodness. I will be sharing on 3 aspects of memory keeping in my Midori 
1. Journaling
2. Printing Polaroids
3. Handy Handphone Apps

Today I will be sharing on journaling. The supplies I use are all listed below for your reference.  As I love to highlight stuff on my notes when i'm studying, I love to see words with colours, it gives the words some emphasis. So at one glance, I will be able to find out what the journaling is about. I'm also a slow reader, so this helps heaps.

Here is my video


Here are the pages

Some close ups.

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