Sunday, August 23, 2015

Midori Traveler's Notebook | Melbourne 2015 - Polaroids

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Hello all, I'm back here with more videos on Midori Travelers Notebook. This two weeks I will be sharing on a particular notebook inside this notebook stack - my 3 day trip to Melbourne. It involves tons of Coffee goodness. I will be sharing on 3 aspects of memory keeping in my Midori 
2. Printing Polaroids (today)
3. Handy Handphone Apps

Today I will be sharing on printing polaroids using my Instax share printer. The supplies I use are all listed below for your reference.  I love the convenience of using a polaroid printer at home, the great thing about it is that, you can print any photos that are on your phone. I did take the hassle to transfer my DSLR pictures to my phone first , using the GREAT wifi function on my Canon 6D , and the Canon EOS app. Then i go into the Instax share printer app to print the photo. Although it's a two step process, it still works great , for the quality of the polaroid i'm getting !

I also did some stamping with the Hashtag words from Kellie Stamp (I believe it's sold out for now, but she always release new stamps every month, and they are super fun to work with! )

Here is my video

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