Sunday, May 31, 2015

Midori Traveler's notebook part 2

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Before I left Singapore for my Adelaide trip, I made a bunch of Fauxdori using Faux leather bought from Spotlight. And I'm loving it! Although it wasn't easy to make them, I'm glad I manage to complete 4 of them. I'm happy to be able to use this system without buying the real Midori. I'm a vegetarian, hence i wont buy any animal products or use any item with animal skin . It makes me cringe a little. Making fauxdori allows me to customise the skin colour as well. Although it will not have the scratches over time, nor will it have the same effect as a Midori Real leather, i'm contented with what I have.

My plan is to use the black with orange band one for my Adelaide 2015 trip, documenting the trip with ONLY Polaroids prints from my phone (using Fuji Instax share printer) and minimal scrapbook supplies (like stamps, basic ink colours, some stickers and markers for journaling) 

One of them will be my Taiwan 2015 trip album, and it serve the same purpose. One more will be for my day to day planner/notebook. I have not settle down with a concrete idea of what notebooks to include, but I have been using the Bullet Journal idea for my daily planner on just a simple Moleskine notebook. I'm getting the hang of it and so far (2 months) it has been serving me well. I might change my Filofax system to a bullet journal system inside one of this Fauxdori :)

Thanks for stopping by . If you have a few minutes to spare, head over to my new (not too new) Youtube Channel ( Pepper Creations) as I had a new video up few days ago using the Fuse Tool by WMRK  and an accompanying blog post.

And till next time, Ciao!


susy said...

I'll be interested to see the finished products. I've set mine up for a trip to Thailand in September and plan to do a similar thing, just use instax pics, bullet journaling and a few stamps. More as a diary of the trip than an actual album as I'll still make a mini of the photos I take.

pepper said...

Susy! Please do share your finish album / diary too ! :D I would love to see it!