Thursday, May 7, 2015

Midori Traveler's Notebook | Adelaide 2015

Hello there, just recently as I was reaearching on each of the planners which are available in the market, I got to know about Midori Travelers notebook, and I fell in love with the entire system and the ability for you to change the notebook up.

Since I'm a Vegetarian, and don't use any sort of animal product, the whole leather thing makes it seems impossible for me to use one Midori notebook. And then I saw online that Happie Scrappie has a youtube video on How to Make a Fauxdori and got inspired to make one myself. Hence I rush down to spotlight and bought some faux leather in mustard color and navy blue. I also bought some adhesive (a spray adhesive, a fabric glue and some wonder tape from Ranger) 

While making this Fauxdori notebook, I followed this youtube tutorial  closely and It works out well!

I plan to bring my Midori Travelers notebook together with me during my Adelaide trip , I can't wait to fil it up. I will soon share what I included in my notebook for journaling during the trip. Till next time , Ciao!


Jana said...

Wow that's great! :) I'm also vegetarian and have problems to find planners without leather. I never thought about making one myself, so thanks for the inspiration! And yours looks so good in yellow :)

pepper said...

Thank you! I love the yellow colour too, however it turns dirty too easily because it has a light colour. I ended up using my black Fauxdori with a yellow interior :) SO i keep the colour and the cleanliness :) I hope to see you making one too!