Sunday, March 22, 2015

Project Life 2015 | Plans and Intentions part 1

Oh yes, I was inconsistent with my blogging, I gotta admit. But I'm still scrapbooking ! For real! And I'm really excited about my scrapbooking plans this year that I'm not sure if I can put it in words. I have the visuals :D 

Firstly, let me share with you the dilemma that I have at the beginning of this year. I shared this on the Paperclipping forum .

My Dilemma

It has been about 1.5 years since i scrapped a 12x12 page.

I'm currently shifting towards "only scrapping project life" . I like the way it keeps track of my life in a small format, a diary sort of, in a chronological order. Since then, I have not touch my 12x12 papers, using only kits from studio calico, or Becky Higgins PL kits. Also using digital journaling cards from The-Lilypad. I'm also becoming more and more of a hybrid scrapbooker influenced by Ali Edwards and Peppermint Granberg. So I journal on my computer, put them on the photos or journaling card and print them out. 

This makes me think of purging 90% of my scrapbooking supplies and just keep those little stuff for my Project life.

On the other hand I'm drawing more and more connections between events that keeps happening every year, and it makes me want to scrapbook the Stacy Julian library of memories style, where i scrapbook about the event across the year, finding those stories and meaning behind. I was thinking of scrapbooking this in the 12x12 format because I have still quite a few empty 12x12 albums not filled up . Furthermore I have projects in the 12x12 albums format that are not  completed (mostly chronological format)

And I couldn't bare to give up my mixed media supplies which I only use once in awhile (say once every 3-4months?!) I still have lots of interest in the painty , inky and misty stuff. Hence I don't bare to get myself to purge them all !

And then again, my PL in the 6x8 format really takes up lots of ALBUM SPACE! because it's so small and I like to print alot of photos and keep memorabilia, I end up having 3 albums for June 2014 to Dec 2014!!!

Anyone feeling the same dilemma as I do? Do you manage to resolve the conflicting interest? 

Okay, having put it out there, I now have resolved my conflicting interest and am a happy scrapper now! 

The Destash

Firstly, I did destash most of my supplies at home, I would say 40% maybe? And I gave away large storage items which I do not use anymore. I sold more than 50% of my 12x12 papers, 50% of my mist, 80% of my washi tapes ( I used to have say 250 rolls, now I only keep 40 of them), all of my ribbons, 80% of my embellishments, more than 50 stamps sets (but I still keep a lot of stamps because that's what I use a lot , I shall think of a way to sell more ) 50% of my PL cards (because I turn hybrid)

The album

Next, let me share with you my plans for Project Life :) My plan for Project Life this year is to use the 6x12 album. I had 2 of these WRMK Teresa Collins Gold Faux Leather album from last year, and I always couldn't figure out a way to use them, now they have a function! This size is completely new and interesting to me, but I have been loving it. Firstly because the album have the same thickness as a 12x12 album, so it house alot of the layouts, unlike my Simple stories 6x8 album. But at the same time, it is not as bulky as the 12x12, and just a little heavier than my 6x8. It still sits on my desk and it's still easily accessible and can be flipped through easily.

I will share more about what supplies I use and what are the plans for my other scrapbook projects in the next post :)

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Anandi Raman Creath said...

Oh wow, I love the idea of a 6x12 Project Life! What a great size! I have been doing 12x12 because I have SO MANY page protectors, but was thinking of switching to 9x12 or some other size.

Thanks for sharing your process and approach - it's very interesting to read!