Thursday, June 7, 2012

Updates on Eco Mini Album

Hi all! 
It has been awhile since the last time I updated this blog!
It was because I was overseas! 

Here I'm back with photos of my 
Eco mini Albums that are still available for sales
These albums are approximately 2.75"x4.5" 
They are made of 4 toilet rolls , 
each is inserted with a tag
Most of the tags can be flipped open
Some are just 2 sided.
Some of them has a hard cover, (those $25 and above )
Others do not.

Take a look :D
*Pls click on the photos for a clearer view of the album *
Pls refer to this post for order information

#001 - $20

#002 - $20 SOLD

*Each page of this album Has a cute little speech bubble , one of my most favourite*

#003 - $20

#004 - $15 SOLD

#005 - $18 RESERVED

#006 - $18 

#007 - $25 SOLD

#008 - $25 SOLD

Feel free to post any questions and see if I can help.
Once again, to ORDER, visit this post
That's all!

Oh by the way,
I had made alot alot ALOT of cards during my overseas trip!
I'm going to take pictures of them and upload real soon
So keep a look out! 

Till then!

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