Friday, April 13, 2012

Shimelle's scrapbook weekend - how I store my thickers :)

I happen to have these photo on my iPhone so i though I could share it with you all :) this is how I store my thickers . It's a plastic basket from Popular bookstore ( it's a bookstore in Singapore) and it fits the 6 inches thickers just right . At the side I can also put in 12x12 alpha stickers from prima and Lilybee :)

I sort them by type - fabric / foam / puffy / chipboard etc :) Amy tangerine 's thickers have it's own section! Probably cos I collected too much of them haha .

This work well for me so far . Like shimelle says , it depends on what system works best for you. I happen to be the kind of person who look for the designs / texture rather than colour first . After I have the design right then I will look for the right colour :)

Thanks for looking !:)


Sarah said...

Thanks for sharing. That box is exactly what I need, it looks like it would be super easy to flick through to find the ones you wanted.

Elisa Corpuz said...

New reader here.. I'm also in Singapore. Where did you get the paper tray?

pepper said...

Hi Elisa,

I go the tray from one of my friend who gave it to me generously! I'm not too sure where did she get it from though. Sorry! But I hope you can find yours soon!