Sunday, March 18, 2012

Washi Madness!

Hello guys!

I’m here to share a little something about washi tape.
Some of you may be new to scrapbooking so here is a little help on that. Washi tape is now the IN thing in crafting ! haha. Why so? It’s so versatile and can be used on almost any surface.

I love them because they are colourful and customisable. I used them on my Layouts and my cards, and of cos my mini albums. You can also use them to wrap presents, to decorate your notebook/scheduler or used to decorate a birthday party function room etc!

Take a look at this, isn’t this cute? 
This can be used as a welcome gift for your 21st birthday party

What about making a simple card for your friends?

Very easily done even for guys or non crafters J Just pile and stick! You don’t even need a scissors, because the torned edge add a little dimension to the card , nicey!

What about this kind? Making a banner using washi tape and stapler it onto a card, how wonderfully and simply beautiful!  (by the way, I will be posting a tutorial on this soon )

You can simply make a bow by rolling another tape over it J

Don’t be afraid to make mistake because they are not as tacky as you think, they can be peel off after you stick down, but they wont come off on it’s own unless you peal if. Isnt it cool? You can actually reposition the tapes if you find the tapes are not on their right position.

You can even write on the tapes , some surface allow u to write just with a pen, others u have to use a permanent marker.

How about making decorative ornaments?

And more examples of decoration using washi tapes!

Here is a link to another blog which give a even more comprehensive list of examples and links on the website. if you want to know more about washi tapes, do drop by J
Lastly, here are some links to videos about washi tapes :

If you already have washi tapes, get craking and be creative with them! If you don’t have, well, I’m actually selling it now! Click on the tab “Stashfor Sales’ to check them out . I’m selling them lower than most retail prices. Limited sets available so hurry! And well , Enjoy crafting! :D

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