How To Order

Pls place your order via email 
or leave a comment under the respective post :) 

Payment method - 
1. Cash on delivery. 
2. Ibanking 

Collection method - 
1.Meet up in NUS or convenient MRT stations. 
2. Postage (postage charges applies 


*All cards are made from good quality and acidic free materials, 
which allows you to keep for a long time without spoiling*
All cards comes with
-coloured envelop (of your choice)
- an option to add a title
- an option to add a greeting into the interior of the cards

More information will be sent to you when you order your card


belle chan said...

I'm such a fan of your work! Would like to order a few cards off you. Was just wondering if there'd be a discount if maybe i order 3-5.. anyway let me know!

I'm interested in CV #01 ( with a Happy birthday and a flower)

PC #018 w the pear (and a happy birthday.. maybe inside?)

if there's a discount lemme know! Would probably get 2-3 more.

Also, if you do conduct classes let me know where and when! I suck at art and would like to improve on that haha!


belle chan said...