Thursday, October 3, 2013

Week In the Life Monday Photos + Words

Following Ali Edwards in her Week in The Life project for the first time
This is so fun taking all the photos in life
I'm sharing the photos i took for this project one month ago.

Off to work in a black and white shirt
greeted with beautify sky and sunrise
that's the thing that pull me off bed each day
My work desk
and my colleague

My breakfast bought from French Bakery
Brunch Vanilla + ice lemon tea
Reached home, showered, and here is where my hair dryer is
chatted with my little sister

use my dad room for the aircon and reading before he sleeps

back to my room scrapbooking

when the night comes and everyone sleeps
the door is locked and my living room is empty

off to bed

1 comment:

jeanette koh said...

Wahahaha! I see ur teal trolley at the corner, near ur main door. :P thanks for sharing ur day's activity (;