Friday, October 4, 2013

Week In The Life 2013 | Tuesday Words+ Photos

Doing day 2 post of Ali Edwards Project - Week in The Life . You can check out more about it here

First thing I see in the morning

Got ready for work

Lots to bring to school today

Crowded MRT platform in the morning
beautiful sun view outside YCK mrt
My office, empty because I was late
everyone has gone for assembly
my desk is full
and this is where i place my stuff
love the L shaped table 
allow space for more 
Working hard

Around school

Zebra crossing i take everyday 
walking out of school compound

Trees, so singapore

5pm Reserved seats empty at this time

The place I wait for bus everyday after work
The bus that fetches me home 

My neighbourhood

Watching Ali Edwards One Little Word class video on my ipad mini on the go :)



Scrapbook goodies arrive! Time to pack!

Arranging all stamps into Avery Pocket

Late night reading :)


Julie GM said...

wow! I love seeing other people in their everyday lives. We all may share a common hobby but live an entirely different life day to day. =)

jeanette koh said...

Thanks for sharing ur daily life. Idk why but it somehow inspires me. Haha. (;