Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Scrapbook and crafting classes :D

As some of you have requested for scrapbooking classes
I have decided to go ahead and plan a few classes for you :) 
There are 4 classes available for the month of august.
 (24th July to 12th August)

- Mini Eco Album (left one slot!)
- Tag books class
- Small travel paperbag album
- Card class

This is the soft launch of the classes
 that i wish to share with you the techniques
 and ways to make mini albums and cards.

Here is a little more about the scrapbook classes at pepper creations
  • Each class will have 3-5 people 
  • Price includes materials(acid free) and tools that you are going to use in class.
  • Classes do not have a fixed date, after gathering at least 3 people for the class, we will discuss the dates that all of us can make it

For those who are interested, please email me at 
and I will send you a word document
 with all the classes available
and the classes details

Some sneaks preview of the classes

Please feel free to share this class with friends 
who have yet to know about pepper creations 
but are interested about scrapbook classes.

I look forward to share these creations with you all :D

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