Sunday, January 15, 2012

My Scrap Corner! :D

I kind of get my scrapbooking corner organised.
Yeah , that's right, scrapbooking CORNER
not a room yet
but i will work towards it!

I on the other hand have to scrapbook in my bedroom
which i share with 2 other sisters
Ok, a 3 room flat bedroom that needs to fits 3 bed
my scrap corner cum study area!
Haha, so i have been looking around for some storage solutions
and here are they combined!


*tee da!*

I really love the white cabinet that is hanging on the wall.
this really creates alot of space for me
on only can i put my school books inside
but i can put boxes of scrapbook items on top!

My table is also from Ikea and it's rather small, to me
I prefer it if i can scrap with space

the black cabinet on the right is also from Ikea
with the slider door

inbetween the table and the cabinet a chair where i put some 'unwanted' stuff there
for the time being and i will arrange them when i feel like it
Under the chair is a expandable 12x12 paper holder from cropper hopper
it works well for me until i start buying soooo much papers that it become exploding
*solution will come at the bottom*

Here is the top of the white wall cabinet

Here is my so called display corner

These boxes beside are from daiso
SGD 2 each
and they has a variety of sizes too!

The left hand side boxes are from daiso
while the right hand side ones are from Ikea
(SGD4.90 for a pack of 3 i think)
I use those to put
-bingo and scrabble tiles
-baker twins and others strings

This is a medium size box
i use it to put my washi tapes :)

Same medium box used to store adhesive that i always use
-glossy accent
-glue dots
-glue tape
-beacon glue
-double sided tape
-score tape etc

In the larger containers I put my mixed mediums including
-Gimmer Mist
-Distress Stains
-Acrylic paint

Here is how I store my punches
Here are MS punches
I have yet to come up with a better storage solution for this
but so far it works quite well.
About 7-8 punches a box

More punches
Some Ek success punches :)

Mainly fiskars punches
and my cropadile corner chomper (in blue)
and the eyelet setter (in pink)

Huge cardboard from Ikea
I chose the slider door so that it wont take up much space
(the covered half are non scrapbook related materials)

I really envy those scrappers who have lotsa space to display their projects
But i'm glad to say i can display one LO at a time ;D hehe
Beside the LO are thin containers from Daiso
that holds thickers and other alphabet stickers

I also have 3 albums sitting there

with a 12x12 paper holder (from Daiso too! cheaper than Cropper Hopper;p )

Let me share each section with you :)

First section i put my embellishments in these daiso trays that can be easily pulled out
and also some 'tools' box that holds little embellishments

Here is one of the tray.
It has
-die cuts
-chipboards etc

Here is the box that is very well divided.
I put brads, some buttons and paper clips

More little embellishments

Embossing powder
Perfect pearls
Dimension Pearl
Crackle Paint
Other inks

This is how I store my clear stamps
in the flat ikea boxes

My mounted rubber stamps are in A4 sized plastic files from Popular

And my cling stamps are in the same kind of file, but thinner

And they sits perfectly in my cardboard :D

Hope you enjoy the tour around my scrap corner
and that the storage solutions may help you a little :)

Till next time! :D

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