Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Food mini album *yum yum*

Hey guys!
I got a really cute mini to share with you !

Got inspired by Laura Denison to use macdonal's box to create an album

Since I'm a vegetarian
I didnt use nuggets box like she did
so instead , i used the cinnamon melt's box!
and this definitely gave me alot of chance
to eat more of this yummlicious food :D

It has been transformed!

In this album,
I documented all the yummy food that i have eated
Here are some of the pages inside:D

Kind of a food review :D
But haven write much yet
will let my boyfriend to comment on the food too
cos we are both food lovers!

Of cos you can use it to create any kind of album you like :)
Actually i have so many food pictures that it's not enough to fit everything inside!
maybe i will make one more , or i can make one with the fries package :)

Update soon!

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