Thursday, April 24, 2014

Stash Busting Challenge 1 - Elizabeth to Adelaide City

Recently I'm taking the class Stash Buster Anonymous from Big Picture Classes, which is taught by Aly Dosdall  and i have been on the move with creating scrapbook layouts ! Here is the first layout I made for the class :)

This class is awesome! Check out more scrapbooking class at Big Picture Classes! Thanks for stopping by!


Charlene Yong said...

Babe. I met you at papermarket yday. :) I love the lettering stickers that you used in this post. Any websites that you can recommend me to shop for more of such similiar lettering stickers? :)
Thank you.

pepper said...

Hello Charlene, Sorry to get back to you this late. Please leave me an email so it's easier for us to communicate :)