Monday, October 29, 2012

A Layout to share - our 3 years and more :D

This is a layout done at the start of this year
When we celebrated our 3 years of relationship
and more to come :)

To make this layout, I used the tip Shimelle gave 
in the twopeas free class called 4x6 photo love
which teaches us how to scrap tons of 4x6 photos in one layout :)

I love it can contains 9 photos that we took in this day
where i have some
 'not so nice, yet funny enough that i want to document and remember' photos
which i can tuck them into the pocket and not be seen unless someone go dig for it
of cos i know it exist :)
And i love it allows 3 photos to be seen,
 which is enough to tell most part of the story
the who and where :)


Today I took part in one of Lain Ehmann's Scrapinar
It was awesome :) 
I missed one last month but i remember this time ! Phew
She is so helpful and she answers alllllll our questions 
and provides lots of useful links and tips related to the topic of discussion
You can find Lain at
and I would love to take up in her LOAD in coming may 2013 during my holidays
It's also a great experience where I know more scrappin ladies
I had fun and hope you ladies did too!

Thanks for stopping by and till next time:) 


Margie said...

Love the layers-great page!

Debbie P said...

Excellent job! This layout is gorgeous!

Tammy said...

Fabulous layout! I love that you placed the photos on the angle. It turned out great! :)

Charissa Miller said...

This turned out awesome! I am always amazed at how Shimelle managed to get 8, 9, 10+ 4x6 photos on a single layout.

pepper said...

Thanks ladies for the sweet comments :)Charissa, yes! I love it that we can scrap all those photos into 1 layout! So fun and fast!

humel said...

This is beautiful - I love Shimelle's 4x6 ideas for getting plenty of photos onto a page :)

pepper said...

Thank you :) Yes, she is such an awesome lady, full of fun ideas :)