Sunday, November 1, 2009

Collection 1

It's now the end of my exam! woots!
and i'm here to update the prices of the cards.
i really love this series of cards:)
p.s. :They are all hand made and unique:)

C1 - A5 size. $2.50

C2- Same as C1, but with a pop up 'wish'. $2.80

C3 - a quarter of A4 size
The flower pattern is stitched on and it took mi a long time!
but i like the resuting look

C5 - A5 size. Pictures are hand drawn
a ribbon(can be untied) with a tag 'Best wishes'(sticked on).

C6 (sold out) - Simple flower card. With techniques of water colouring

C7(sold out) -Christmas card(blue)

C8 (sold out) -Christmas card(red)

C9 - My favourite card!
Love the front texture.

C10 (sold out) - Used techniques of stitching and paper tearing to give the card a good touch.
I very 'gentle' feeling.

C11 - A Pop up card with no front designs
Up to ur own creativity
Detailed snow man, with strings as scarf

C12 - A lonely feeling
Give a slightly 3D feeling

C13(sold out) - Simple christmas treeUsed texture paper to give a nice touch

hope u like my cards:)

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