Saturday, July 11, 2015

Midori Traveler's Notebook | Adelaide 2015 - Scrapbooking / Memory Keeping on the go

It has been sometime since I last blogged. I was traveling and right after that I started work immediately. Sometimes it's hard for me to feel motivated to continue blogging and sharing. Today it so happen that I have a rest day, so time to catch up on the sharing :)

Previously I shared two post on my handmade Fauxdori Travelers Notebook here and here. And I mention that I'm bringing it to Australia as my scrapbook . (YES! I'm no longer committing to scrapbooking a 12x12 scrapbook nor 6x8 handbook for each trip, that's just too much to do and take up lots of space) Today I shall share what I bring along with me for the trip in terms of memory keeping and scrapbooking.

Here is an overview of what I bring with me, I have my notebook on teh top left hand corner, and I have 2 pouches , one from an old SC kit, and one thin cosmetic pouch from Esprit. 

This SC canvas drawstring bag consist of some flat embellishments including Shimelle Sticker, some die cuts and dollies. I also included an extra Midori notebook inside and some of Midori accessories.

The black pouch is more like a tool pouch with all the Distress markers and a bunch of Precision Pens. I brought 3 inks (Black, red and gold), and some stamps. OA date stamp comes in very handy as well. And not forgetting an Adhesive. 

I had made a smaller sized Watercolor book that is similar to the one I share in this post

I also made a handmade sticker book using some unwanted older page protectors and my beloved fuse too. It works wonder, I'm able to stuff about 15 stickers that are approximately 4x6inches in this pouch. All these booklets can be stuck inside my Midori and bring out conveniently:) 

This is how fat the album is right now.

Below I share some completed pages :) Many of the stamping are done using Kellie Stamps



I'm falling in love with this sort of pages , that include a mish mash of stickers, stamping, random doodling, words and icon stickers. 

I also bring along my Instax Share Printer to print out photos directly from my iPhone. I'm also able to print my DSLR photo, using the EOS remote app. All thanks to the wifi enable canon 6D :) LOVE IT! LOVE IT LOVE IT!! If you're interested in the printer, you can find it at Amazon (CLICK the image below) In Singapore, you can find it at MS Color or Passion Gadgets, both at a reasonable price :)

I went cafe hopping and collected a bunch of PRETTY AND AWESOME Business cards. I slot them into some handmade DIY business card page protectors . Guess what did I use? RIGHT, the WRMK fuse tool! It was a little bit of a fusing to get the size right, but it's totally worth it !

I bought some Midori accessories like the craft file folder. You can make your own following some templates or simply using the silhouette :) I was feeling lazy after making the page protector, washi book, watercolor book and sticker book. Haha!

Somemore stamping :)

Thanks for stopping by. I will be sharing more projects with the Fauxdori/Midori Travelers Notebook in the coming months :) Till next time, Ciao!


Yin said...

I just found your blog from Ali Edwards. Wow this travel notebook is awesome! I am a digital scrapbooker but this just makes me really want to try it for my year end trip to Japan. I'm in Singapore so will check out the printer sale places. Bookmarked this post for 'scraplifting' later on. Thanks for the inspiration!

Unknown said...

Thanks for the kind comments! Hope you get a midori soon! It's fun!

Belinda said...

I'd love to see this blog post, but the images aren't displaying - maybe there's a problem with Photobucket? Looking forward to learning all about your Midori traveller's notebook :)

Arthur said...

Thankss for writing this